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Natalie Bullpitt

Taylah Kidman

Khloe Fanning

Kaylin Van Greunen

Kalei Brighton

Grace Taylor

Jaz Barnes

Jane Herrick

Georgia Lindsey

Emma Taylor

Caitlin Skaines

Cassidy Jocunsen

Courtney Bailey

Elisa Dennis

Ada McKenzie


The Darling Downs has enjoyed a long and vibrant association with netball and the Panthers are the embodiment of this proud tradition. The Panthers represent 12 Associations that cover a geographical foot print three times the size of Wales and is truly a country netball franchise in geography and philosophy. From Kingaroy in the north, Roma to the west and down to the New South Wales border in Goondiwindi and Stanthorpe every player knows that the word sacrifice means just to get to this level.

The Panthers are Queensland country netball. For these players the love of the game drives them forward whilst inspiring the next generation in rural Queensland. The region itself has produced a wealth of talent such as Laura Gietz, Laura Clemesha and most recently Mia Stower.

Their tough and honest brand of netball continues to see them develop both fans and moentum in the HART Ruby Series.

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