So what’s the story with the Wildcats bibs?

So what’s the story with the Wildcats bibs?

By the Wildcats

Wildcats teams represent the associations of the Brisbane South Netball region, stretching from Beaudesert to MacGregor. With over 120 different nationalities it is the most culturally and religiously diverse area in Queensland, and the second most multicultural region in Australia. Our players represent that diversity. 18 months ago, the Brisbane South Committee started looking for an artistic representation of our players and our story.

We chose the Bib for two reasons:

  1. It is the focal point of the uniform and
  2. It can remain untouched regardless of any changes to the dresses over time

We were advised by our mentor Aunty Heather to find the right artist, preferably a woman and someone who could understand our players. Who better than our newly signed cat, Beryl Friday, a Kuku Yalanji woman. Beryl’s beautiful creator has outshone all of our hopes. She has managed to not only capture and tell our player story but the story of every netball player of any age who has every put on a bib.

The six outer circles represent our team mates; their inner three circles: them, their family and their community. The dots surrounding them are the different areas and regions we come from. The lined dots represent the individual journeys we each have gone on to lead us to where we are now, which is toward the middle and the position of the bib – the athlete currently in that position. It demonstrates the network of support, encouragemen and belief of everyone in our Wildcats family who back and believe in you, the player to dominate in your position and place on court.

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