Round 1 Match Report: Carina Leagues Club Tigers vs. Ipswich Jets

Tigers V Cougars Round 7

Round 1 Match Report: Carina Leagues Club Tigers vs. Ipswich Jets

Ipswich Jets def. Carina Leagues Club Tigers 62-51.

Rewatch the game here

Match Report courtesy of Ipswich Jets

The Jets coaching and management staff have worked hard preparing the fine group of athletes that we have to compete at an optimum level at the start of the Sapphire series competition. 

Under the supervision and hard work of their coaches Tracey-Jeanes Fraser and Jodie Thomas and their strength and conditioning coach Freya Greenshill they were more than ready to take the court in the first round of the competition. 

From the moment the first whistle was blown the athletes meant business as they quickly got a lead.  It was 6-1 after just a few minutes, every thing that they worked on was coming to fruition on the court.  Everyone was playing their part in a great all-round team performance. 

At half time the lead had blown out to 10 and the coach availed of the freedom to rotate her players on and off through the new rolling subs formation. A

ll of the squad were given valuable time on the field in the first match with The Jets showing that they will be a formidable opposition for any team in 2019 as they full time whistle blew with the score at 62-51.

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