Netball Queensland Umpire Squads 2021

Netball Queensland Umpire Squads 2021

Netball Queensland is proud to announce the umpires who have been selected to participate in the Umpire Performance and Development Squads in 2021. The purpose of these squads are to provide support for selected Netball Queensland umpires to continue to develop their skills and enhance their capability to umpire consistently at their best. Additionally, umpires increase their understanding in greater detail of what is required to progress toward achieving their next level national umpire accreditation.

The expectation of these umpires are to fulfill the requirements of:

  • High Performance Teams training and match play requests (Eg: Firebirds and State Teams)
  • HART Sapphire and Ruby Series competition matches and training sessions
  • Participation in umpire development opportunities

The selection criteria utilised to form the umpire squads are:

  • Performance and capability at Netball Queensland’s highest level of game/training session;
  • Commitment and regularity to umpiring for Netball Qld comps and events;
  • Coachability and identified with potential for further development and progression to higher levels;
  • Proven minimum level of fitness as required to enable correct on-court positioning and accurate decision making under duress; and
  • National A Badge Accreditation (or working towards achieving an A Badge) for selection in the UPS
  • National B Badge Accreditation (or working towards achieving a B Badge) for selection in the UDS

For umpires considering their future direction with umpiring netball in Queensland, the framework is similar to that of the players. The Emerging Talent Program (ETP) is an opportunity to be identified by Netball Queensland umpire facilitators who can recommend umpires to participate at the Nissan State Titles based upon similar criteria to what is listed above.

(Note: The minimum Umpire Accreditation to participate in the ETP is to have a C Badge, and State Titles umpires are working towards or have achieved a B Badge)

The Nissan State Titles are an opportunity for umpires to demonstrate their competency, potential for further development, and progression into the Umpire Development Squad. The past 2 years of combining the Nissan State Titles and Queensland Premier League competitions, 14 umpires have progressed into the Performance and Development Squads.

The Northern Rays Umpire Development Squad will be announced once finalised in the near future.

Netball Queensland congratulates all successful umpires on their selection.

Click here to view the Netball Queensland Umpire Performance and Development Squads 2021.

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